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Dreaming of Spring and the Possibilities

It is still officially winter for another week but the abundant amount of snow on the ground suggests otherwise.  Today it was well above freezing and we woke up to the sound of dripping water and snow sliding off the roof.  Maybe spring is just around the corner...

We have been busy with the house interior but not too many hours go by without us changing the subject to the yard.  "What do you want to put there?"  What do you think will grow best here?"  "When should we start those seeds?"  We have never had so much outdoor space and such a blank canvas with which to work.  It is exciting and daunting at the same time.  We know we want to grow as much of our own food as possible and that we are starting from scratch.  I  keep reminding myself that it does not all have to happen in the first summer.  Still, the mind boggles at the possibilities. We each have our favorites:  Michelle is big on an orchard and mushrooms.  I am hooked on berry bushes and a year-round greenhouse.  We both want raised beds and vertical growing areas.

The snow is receding and it won't be long before the ground begins to thaw.  We'll be ready...seedlings are growing strong in the house while we map out a manageable plan for our first food garden in this home. Stay tuned for more on our spring plans.


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