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From Storage Bin To Window Sill Greenhouse

When you move, you often end up with assorted boxes and containers.  As survivors of numerous long distance moves, we have our share of plastic bins and over time, we misplace or break lids.  So, what do we do with the lidless bins?  Make a miniature windowsill greenhouse for potatoes!

We took two clear plastic bins of different sizes and noticed the larger one fit nicely as a dome on the smaller one.  We gathered up some sticks and stones for the bottom bin to create some drainage and to reduce the amount of growing medium we would have to use.

Next, we added organic soil just past the halfway mark.  Three days earlier, we had baked some organic potatoes and prior to preparing them, we cut off a bunch of the eyes – the small buds or sprouts that form on the potato.  We soaked the eyes in a bowl of water, draining, rinsing and refilling each day to keep the water fresh.  Now, those potato chunks with the eyes were ready to go in our bin.

After adding the potato chunks, we covered them with additional soil, watered them and placed the larger bin over the smaller bin. In our south-facing window, it didn’t take long for warmth and moisture to start forming even as the ground outside was still covered in snow. 

We’ll water it regularly and ensure we cover the clear sides of the lower bin with dark fabric before actual potatoes start to form because we don’t want them to turn green from exposure to light. We’ll keep you posted on the results!

If you are going to have plastic in your life, you best use it and reuse it to keep out of the landfill as long as possible. Bins like these have a million uses, many of which are related to growing your own food.  Think outside the bin!


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