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Happy Earth Day! Take the Food House Project Challenge

Grow your own food to celebrate Earth Day!

We're thrilled to officially launch on Earth Day! It seems fitting given what our site is all about: empowering everyone to start growing at least some of their own food to help reduce the burden on planet Earth. This is why my husband, Curtis, and I launched, where we are converting our century old farmhouse into the ultimate food house: a home where we showcase the best in many forms of food growing to demonstrate how easy it is and how realistic it actually is for everyone to grow at least a portion of their own food. To that end, we’re diving head-first into old school gardening like container-growing and plots of land for growing fruits and vegetables as well as cutting-edge vertical growing, indoor microgreen growing, and much more.

We’re combining Curtis’ extensive food security background with my nutrition knowledge and aversion for corporate agriculture giants, with our combined love of gardening and food, transforming our neglected old farmhouse into a modern-day show home of food-growing possibilities to inspire everyone to start growing their own food. And, for Earth Day, we’re issuing the Challenge to everyone to start growing one or more of their own foods. Take the plunge even if you have never grown food before. It’s easier, and far more rewarding, than you think.

Tell us what you're up to and what you'll be growing, whether that will entail herbs on your balcony, sprouts or microgreens on your countertop, or tranforming your lawn into food central. We'd love to hear from you. Tell your friends. It's time to start the Food House Revolution to green up the planet and transform your health and the health of your family and friends! Happy Earth Day!

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